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How to make a website visitor a regular customer

Customer service
In this article, we will tell you how to give your visitor enough attention and not overdo it.
How to make a website visitor a regular customer

Do you have a corporate website, landing page or online store? - Good! Do you have a feedback form on the site? -Perfect!

But not every visitor to the site wants to fill out a form, leave their data and wait for an answer. If a visitor has a question, he wants to get an answer right now!

This is where online consultants come to the rescue! For an example, in this article we will talk about JivoSite. JivoSite - live communication with a site visitor.

It’s very easy to install an online consultant on a website, just register and connect a script to your website. But there are small tricks that will help you use an online consultant even more effectively:

  1. Do not bother the customer. Indicate in the chat settings the events during which the invitation to chat is activated, for example, the visitor is on the page for more than 10 seconds and he has not yet been offered to start a dialogue. This time is enough to get acquainted with the content of your page.

  2. If the user has closed the chat, do not open it constantly. It may prevent the visitor from viewing content. Believe me, if you are not intrusive, the client will appreciate it. And since we have already invited him to chat once, if a question arises, he will ask you for sure.

  3. In an appeal to the client, tell him something useful, for example, "there is a special offer in our store now, when you buy 2 things, the third one is a present."

  4. Be more often online, help your customers with a choice!

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