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Simple ways to reduce website load time

If your site loads slowly, this does not mean that you need a new site. There are several easy ways to increase page loading speed.
Simple ways to reduce website load time

  1. Pay attention to the number and quality of images on the page. Look at the weight of the picture. There are free services that compress images without losing quality, for example,  or

    Look at the size of the pictures. Image preview usually does not require downloading large pictures. If you have reserved 50x50 pixels for the image and the 1500x400 image is uploaded, this is wrong and you need to fix it, because when the page loads, the 1500x400 pixels image is loaded, and then it is compressed with styles.

  2. Where there is little space for a picture, a small image should be uploaded. The smaller the picture, the lower its weight, which means that the page will load faster.

  3. See where the styles and scripts on your site are connected. Styles are usually connected in the "header" of the site, before the closing tag head, and styles are connected in the "basement" of the site, before the closing tag body.

  4. Please note if minimized scripts and styles are used on your site. Minimized files in their name usually contain min, for example jquery.min.js.
Four simple ways will help to increase the loading time of a page of your site at times.

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