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On the site you can place an order in two clicks.


The design of the site template was changed according to the wishes of the customer. The background of the site was developed and added.


After setting up the template, the site needed only to be filled!


A clean project сod will ensure its easy support with minimal support costs. Any programmers and users will find it easy to work with the site.


October 2, 2018


Online store


About this project

Online store of exclusive products Moscow shawl - a site aimed at quickly making a purchase in a few clicks. The customer chose a platform for the site from several common ones - Joomla, Word Press and 1C-Bitrix. After weighing all the pros and cons of the engines, the choice was 1C-Bitrix.

Project objectives

Create an online store for a small number of highly targeted products. The purchase should be carried out in a few clicks.

Tool selection

Since the customer did not need all the features of Bitrix editorial offices for stores on this site, we proposed a template solution at the editorial office start. The choice focused on the Aspro template for the editorial start with a basket.


Together with the customer, we chose the main color of the site. Created an "airy" unobtrusive logo. At the request of the customer, they made a substrate for the site and added a lace ribbon to the right side of the site as a design solution.


To begin with, we deployed a template solution to the "Start" 1C-Bitrix edition. After that, we filled the site with customer content, set up the administrative part. In parallel with filling the site, we made changes to the design of the site according to the wishes of our customer. For the client, corporate mail was created on the domain.

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