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Development date

September 1, 2020

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Online store of auto parts

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About this project

Previously, we created a landing page for a client with categories of products presented in the store. For several years, our company conducted contextual advertising and the client was satisfied with the result, but during the first wave of coronavirus, the client began to lose sales and he needed an online store to maintain and develop his business.

The customer had an old version of 1C with a nomenclature without characteristics and images. The list of the customer's nomenclature is very large and it would take a very long time and involve several employees of the customer's company to fill in all the product cards manually. To reduce the time for filling out the catalog and the costs, we offered the client to download the characteristics and images of goods from Yandex.Market.

Project goals

Create an online store to attract potential customers, prevent loss of profits during a pandemic.

Tool Selection

To reduce development time and costs, the proven Aspro Maximum template solution was chosen.

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