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Development date

January 1, 2021

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STOMKA is a company engaged in the wholesale of dental materials, instruments and equipment.

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About this project

To create an online store, the customer chose the Aspro Next template, but since the template did not meet all the customer's requirements, we customized the template solution.

Currently, the project is under technical support in our company, this allows you to install updates to 1C-Bitrix and the module for unloading the nomenclature from 1C on time.

Project goals

The main goal of creating this site is to provide its customers with a convenient catalog of goods with the ability to easily place an order. As well as the dissemination of information about the seminars held by the company.


Since the company conducts seminars, the site required the "Training Center" section, which includes information about current and past events, lecturers and information about the loyalty system for its customers.

We have implemented a functionality that automatically transfers past events to the archive if the date of activity has passed.

The section menu in the block on the right has been improved, we have added the dates and the lecturer's name to the name of the seminars.

For each event, you can write a topic to highlight in the list of events and help users navigate.

For the detailed page of the event, the functionality of linking a lecturer, displaying a photo and its description, which are pulled from the lecturers' infoblock, has been implemented. Added registration form. And also a block with contact information for each seminar.

For the main sections of the catalog, pictograms were drawn in the colors of the site. The display of category subsections has been reduced to make the catalog display more convenient.

For products with the old price higher than the current one, the status "special offer" is automatically assigned.

Every month the company prepares special offers with promotions for its clients. We have placed them in a separate section "Special offers", which is divided similarly to the section "Training Center" into current and archived offers. The announcement of the offer is a reduced image of the leaflet with the details of the promotion, the leaflet in its original size and the products participating in the promotion can be viewed on the detailed page of the offer. Also, during the validity period, the leaflet is automatically placed on the page of the brand with which the promotion is associated.

Products using automated functionality after uploading from 1C to the site are linked to the manufacturer's cards on the site. Depending on the number of products linked to the brand, the brand changes the sorting in the list of manufacturers.

Nomenclature items from 1C are uploaded to the site. The catalog contains three categories of goods: with a real balance in the warehouse, with a virtual balance and positions available only on order. All orders are uploaded to 1C.

On the main page of the site, a block with the current events of the training center is implemented. For the block with popular sections of the catalog, a background of icons developed for the sections of the catalog was drawn and inserted. A block of special offers was implemented; the automatically attached brand logo associated with the offer is used to announce the offer.

To ensure that the left column of the site (left sidebar) is not empty, in this part of the site for the sections "Catalog" and "Manufacturers" there are 2 carousels displaying current events and special offers.

The site has several delivery methods configured with certain conditions for orders. In the future, it is planned to connect the delivery modules CDEK and Business Lines.

For online payment of orders, YuKassa (formerly YandexKassa) is connected. For payment to the current account, a printed receipt form is used with automated filling of all order data. It is possible to make a payment on the website only after the company's manager confirms the order.

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