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About service

Yandex.Market is a service with a huge range of goods from 20 thousand stores. Every day, thousands of users visit Yandex.Market to compare the characteristics of products, choose the best offer among sellers and buy.

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Connection to Yandex.Market

Benefits that you will receive after connecting to Yandex.Market:

  • - Multi-million audience of the site, which is already interested in buying;
  • - When a store is connected, offers will be displayed in several services at once, thereby increasing the visibility of the store;
  • - Display in specific regions that you choose;
  • - Buyers have more confidence in those stores that are placed on the Market. They are confident that they will not be fooled on price or delivery;
  • - Ability to manage your placement on the Market. Statistical reports of the service will help you find out how much profit you get from the site;
  • - In Yandex.Market, you do not need to pay to view your offer. Only clicks to your website or clicks on your phone number are paid.

Users will see your suggestions:

In search results on Yandex.Market

On the Yandex.Market map

In Yandex search results

In Yandex.Pictures

On the cards of popular products

Requirements for online stores:

  • - The site is functional, does not contain viruses. We recommend that you regularly check your site for technical errors using Yandex.Webmaster;
  • - The site has the ability to place an order;
  • - The site contains payment methods, cost and delivery conditions, delivery regions are listed;
  • - Each offer from the price list has a separate page on the store website;
  • - The current prices and conditions of purchase are indicated, they will not change after placing an order;
  • - Additional windows ("popups") do not open on product pages and on the main page of the site;
  • - The site contains reliable information about a legal entity (for example, for Russia - name, address and OGRN) or an individual entrepreneur (full name and OGRNIP). We recommend that you indicate this information on the page "About the Company" or "Contacts";
  • - The phone number indicated on the store's website is working and receiving calls;
  • - The ymclid tag is compatible with the site software, site pages with this tag are displayed correctly.

Ymclid tag, identifier of the transition from the Market

When a user goes from the Market to the store's website, the system automatically adds a special ymclid tag with a unique click number to the link. The label allows you to correctly count the transitions from the Market blocks in Yandex search and estimate traffic for regional orders (for this, the store needs to have a counter in Metrica).

Example of a link with a label

How to unload goods to the market?

On the site, you need to configure the export of catalog products to a YML file. The export task must be placed on cron (task scheduler) with the required frequency. In your Yandex.Market account, you must specify a link to the export file for your catalog.

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Work stages


- Checking the store for compliance with Yandex.Market requirements;
- Correction of inconsistencies.


- Creation of a product file with data auto-update;
- Connecting the product file to the trading platform.


- Testing of unloaded goods.


-Presentation of the completed work to the customer.

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