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About service

Contextual advertising is a tool that allows you to attract customers from the Internet, based on their preferences and online behavior.

The main goals of contextual advertising:

  • - advertising a company, company services, goods on the Internet;
  • - expanding the audience of potential buyers;
  • - optimization of advertising budget costs.
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Contextual advertising

Yandex.Direct and Google Ads are advertising systems with the help of which you can place contextual ads on the pages of the relevant search engines and on partner sites of the Advertising Network. Ads are shown exclusively to those people who are already searching for similar services and products in the search engines Yandex and Google, and other sites. When you place an ad, you pay not for showing your ad on the search page or on partner sites, but for clicks on the ad.

Setting up an advertising campaign includes:

Selection of keywords

Competitor analysis

Writing effective ads with links to advertising pages

Adding quick links

Working out the ad serving strategy

Create text ads for the search network

Creation of graphic and text-image ads for the advertising network

Create a list of negative keywords (words that will not show your ads)

Setting up displaying ads for additional relevant phrases

Setting a budget limit for an advertising campaign

Configuring disabling ad serving when the site is not working

Setting up a link between an advertising company and Google Analytics

Setting rates taking into account hitting the desired positions

Setting up UTM tags for links

Connecting Google Analytics counter to the site and setting goals

Create ads for display on mobile devices

Running an advertising campaign includes:

Development and correction of ad serving strategy

Analysis of phrases for which they went to the site, updating negative keywords

Tracking and adjusting bids

Control of budget expenditures

Monitoring impression and conversion statistics

Automatic rate update

Monitoring the effectiveness of connected sites

Disabling ineffective phrases

Connect new phrases to attract leads and expand your audience

Making adjustments to existing ads

Negotiating with the Google moderation service when a question arises from their side

Providing a monthly report on the work done and the effectiveness of the results

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