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SEO - optimization and website promotion allows you to occupy high positions in the search and attract search traffic.

The main goal of SEO is to increase targeted traffic and expand the audience of potential customers.

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For a long time, the strategy of bringing a clearly defined list of queries to the TOP was used for SEO promotion. At the moment, such a strategy is rapidly becoming obsolete, does not meet the customer's expectations and significantly limits the possibilities of a specialist.

SEO website promotion

The thing is that such a strategy does not cover the full semantics, as a result, the site may have good positions, but the traffic remains small.

For quality promotion, it is necessary to expand the semantic core and work on it regularly. This strategy is aimed at attracting maximum targeted traffic and increasing the reach of the target audience, and at the moment it is optimal.

What is included in SEO promotion

SEO-promotion assumes constant systematic work on the site after the initial optimization - only in this case the result is achieved. Search engine algorithms are constantly being improved to provide the most relevant answers to user queries. In view of this, sites are regularly checked by search robots for various parameters. For successful promotion, it is necessary to take into account and work with many factors:

  • – технические;
  • – коммерческие;
  • – поведенческие;
  • – коммерческие;
  • – контент;
  • – внешняя и внутренняя оптимизация и другие;

Для каждого клиента мы составляем индивидуальный план работ на месяц, который включает в себя как типовые задачи, так и задачи с учетом особенностей проекта. Среди основных можно выделить следующие пункты:

A set of words and phrases that characterize the subject matter, type of activity, goods and services of the company presented on the site.

When compiling a semantic core, we fully study the topic of your business in order to select a list of relevant queries. When we select keywords, we rely on the frequency, potential traffic, as well as their potential profitability for your business.
The selection of keywords helps to prioritize the structure of the site, assess the future traffic of each page and make the correct structure, taking into account the internal link weight.

The collected key queries help not only build the correct site structure, but also optimize individual pages in advance. The peculiarity of this stage is that we solve two problems at the same time: we create a landing page and make the same page a selling one.

Our experts will give recommendations on the structure of your site. Also, recommendations of a technical nature will be issued on the compatibility of the site with search engines and recommendations on the content of the site.

An analysis is being carried out, which will determine the quality of links leading to the site, how much weight they transfer and where exactly they lead. If we find errors, our specialists will correct them.

Find and eliminate duplicate pages, check if there are unique titles for pages and their relevance to the page theme.

Creation of a text file regulating the work of indexing search robots (robots.txt). Creating a sitemap for site indexing (sitemap.xml)

Configuring the correct server response to a request for a non-existent page (page with a 404 error).

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Work stages


- We compose an individual work plan for each month.

Performance of tasks

- Accomplishment of tasks by our specialists according to the developed plan.


- Providing a report on the work performed and its results.

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