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The logo and corporate identity are an integral part of the company's branding. Together with the marketing strategy, the logo and corporate identity become a powerful tool for attracting and retaining a client, reflecting the values, philosophy and uniqueness of the business, and distinguishing them from competitors.

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The logo is the first visual image of the company; it is the basis for the corporate identity. A good logo has three main functions: grab attention, convey the company's primary purpose, and be memorable.

Logo and corporate identity

In addition to the logo, it is important to pay attention to the corporate identity. The corporate identity or brand identity strengthens the company's position in the market, improves the image and increases customer confidence. The corporate identity includes many elements, the main of which are: colors, font and logo. For clear regulation, a brand book is formed, which spells out the elements and rules for using the corporate identity. style.

The brand book includes:

  • - Logo presentation - allowable logo options are indicated, the main idea that it symbolizes, the recommended distance between the logo and other design elements is indicated;
  • - Font - indicates the font and style used, recommendations for use in headings and body text;
  • - Corporate palette - indicates possible combinations and options for using corporate colors, acceptable logo colors.

Work stages


- Identification of customer requirements.


- Study of the company's activities, analysis of competitors.


- Creation of the concept of the logo / corporate identity.


- Development of design layouts.


- Presentation of the design to the customer.

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