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Online shopping has long been an integral part of life. Buyers eagerly place orders online and receive their purchases without leaving home. Recently, this format has gained the opportunity to prove itself in all its glory, and many companies, both large and small businesses, have encountered the need to conduct online trading.

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Creating an online store can be compared to opening a retail outlet. Such a website is maximally tailored precisely for sales and key business stages: marketing, sales, logistics

Online stores

The basis of the work is a mechanism that reflects the essence of the online store:

  • Convenient search for goods
  • Increase in the average sales
  • Placing an online order
  • Receiving repeated orders
  • Receiving feedback and recommendations

Main Goals Online Store:

Receiving online orders

Receipt of payment from the site

Increase in average check

Increase in repeat orders

Providing user convenience

Presentation of the range of goods and services

Implementation of marketing tools (promotions, discounts, special offers)

The development and implementation of a turnkey online store involves not only the creation of the site itself, but also the organization of the entire process of interaction with it, from the receipt and confirmation of the order to payment and delivery. The online marketplace can easily surpass the offline point by profit or become a complement to it, will allow both wholesale and retail trade, and is able to provide convenient interaction with suppliers, partners and customers.

To get a high-quality selling online resource, we recommend that you turn to specialists in creating online stores.

Our specialists have many successful projects for the development of modern websites for both large and small businesses. Thanks to our vast experience, we are able to solve most of the tasks facing the customer, including the creation of a mobile online store application.

Creating an online store using the 1C–Bitrix management system will optimize most business processes. Being a certified partner of 1C–Bitrix for development and implementation, we select the best option with the necessary set of tools and quickly launch it.

Advantages of the online store:

Quick start, easy operation

Order analytics

Contact the link of t customers

Target audience expansion

Any theft is excluded

Cost savings, website maintenance cheaper than offline point content

Savings on the equipment of the store, you do not need to do repairs and buy furniture

Savings on employee wages; much less employees are required for an online store

You do not need special permission to sell the goods in the online store

Online store accounting is much simpler

Creating a turnkey online store includes the following works:

To implement a project, one of the ready-made designs and functional modules that do not require costly development are used).The advantage of using a ready-made template is the ability to see a demo layout of the resource and its functionality. Our specialists will help minimize the cost to the company and choose the best option, and you will get a clear idea of the future of the resource at the initial stage.

Design is an important parameter when a user interacts with an Internet resource. On the basis of visual perception, a general idea of the company is formed. Together with other factors, the website’s appearance and its convenience affect the decision on further cooperation.

Logo is one of the elements that is remembered and is associated with the organization. The presence of a logo and corporate identity increases the confidence of visitors.

Domain name or URL is the address that will be used to go to the site, form all links, as well as presenting the company's business cards, Internet guides, maps and other advertising resource.

Multilingualism allows using multiple versions for different customers. Thanks to this function, the information on the website can be presented in 2 or more languages, which ensures the convenience of using a corporate website that focuses on several countries

Content is one of the most important components of the website. It’s usefullness and relevance determine whether the user will interact with the company. The text, visual information, and the quality of the content affects not only potential customers, but also search engines.

SEO tools are a set of necessary functions, plug-ins and modules, the main task of which is to automate and facilitate the work of an SEO specialist.

Banners will give the site individuality and help advertise promotions, services, products.

SSL certificate ensures the security of the connection, confirms the security of the Internet resource, is used to protect personal user data from intruders.

Functionality that increases the speed of loading. Many visitors do not like when the site "opens for a long time." Speed Increases the conversion of sales.

SMS notification to the phone, each time when visitors leave new applications.

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Work stages

The first step in creating an online store is to identify customer requirements, analyze competitors, and choose the optimal strategy. It can be an online store with an individual design or an online store with a turnkey solution.

The second stage is the preparation of a detailed technical specification, which describes the functionality of the developed online store.

Then, a schematic prototype of the future site is drawn and a briefing is held with the customer. After approval of the arrangement of blocks and elements, a design is made.

The fourth stage is programming. Layout designers create site layout according to the developed and approved layouts. Programmers integrate layout in a content management system, develop and connect the necessary modules. Next, content managers fill the online store with information and create a catalog of goods.

After the development according to the technical assignment is completed, our experts conduct double rigorous testing on an extensive checklist that takes into account many factors.

The final stage is the presentation of the online store to the customer, the transfer to hosting and the direction of the domain to the site.


- Formalization of the goals and objectives of the project;
- Identification of customer requirements;
- Analysis of the external environment and competitors.

Technical task

- The choice of strategy (individual or template project);
- Development of site structure;
- Formation of tasks.


- Concept creation;
- Drawing layouts for all pages.


- Install Content Management System;
- Layout and programming of modules;
- Filling the site with content;
- Integration, connection of payment and delivery services.


- Internal testing;
- External testing.


- Installing the site on the server;
- Backup setup;
- Direction of the domain name;
- Installing an SSL certificate.

Frequently asked Questions

Creation of a turnkey online store with individual development is quite a debt and painstaking work, as a rule, the cost of such an online store is quite high, if you want to save time and money, we can offer you a turnkey solution. You can order the development of an online store inexpensively, you will only need to choose a ready-made standard template for an online store, then specialists will customize the template to your requirements and, if necessary, refine the functionality.

Creating an online store with an individual design takes an average of 3 months.

Website development on a turnkey solution takes about 10-20 business days.

We are always ready to meet the client and discuss individual terms.

After full payment, the site becomes your property. If you want to move to another web studio for maintenance, there will be no obstacles on our part.

Design has a big impact on the con version of the online store. High-quality design can increase the conversion of an online store at times. The competition in the online store market has reached such a point that if the buyer does not understand something or does not like it, he immediately closes the tab and switches to another store. Search engine algorithms take into account behavioral factors for ranking sites and, if your site is inconvenient for the user, it will inevitably fall in SERPs.

Cases for creating corporate sites

Advantages of working with us


We are interested in the success of our customers and will always suggest the best solution.


During testing, the project must be checked for vulnerabilities.


Sites are created so that you can expand the functionality at any time by adding the necessary modules.

Ease of management

The company's specialists customize the control panel so that it is convenient for you to manage the site yourself.


All completed projects are easily configured for the tasks of SEO-promotion.

Thanks to working with international companies, our specialists have extensive knowledge and unique experience in developing and implementing projects of various forms and subjects of business.

We develop websites on CMS 1C-Bitrix and WordPress. These systems allow you to create reliable, modern, adaptive, fast turnkey websites with a small budget.

Depending on your budget and business tasks, we can offer you the development of a website with an individual design or recommend creating a turnkey corporate website using a template solution, which will significantly reduce the development cost and get a full website inexpensively.

Any template solution for the site can be made individual.

  • Certified employees
  • More than 100 successful projects
  • We support the project
  • We are partners of the best hosting companies
  • Multilevel testing
  • We provide comprehensive promotion services

Sites created by our company are easy to promote in the search of Yandex and Google , as well as integrate with accounting systems and CRM systems.

High-quality development of the site from the outside and careful tuning inside is the key to a successful project with a minimum maintenance cost and ample opportunity to promote your services and goods.

We love our work and challenging tasks. We implement the most complex projects and impossible customer ideas.

Having filled out an application for development with us, you will receive a convenient, understandable, attractive site.

Price list



starting at
  • Drawing up technical specifications
  • Installing a Template Solution
  • Buying a domain and directing it to the site
  • Create 1 mailbox on a domain by name
  • Multilingualism
  • Filling sections of the site with content 2 elements in each section
  • Setting up automatic generation of SEO headers
  • Development of 2 banners for the slider
  • Setting 1 monetary currency on the site
  • Warehouse Setup
  • Connection of 1 payment system
  • Connect 1 delivery system
  • Connecting an online consultant
  • Install SSL Certificate


starting at
  • Drawing up technical specifications
  • Installing a Template Solution
  • Buying a domain and directing it to the site
  • Create an unlimited number of mailboxes on a domain by name
  • Multilingualism
  • Filling each section of the sites 6 elements. Unloading goods from a file
  • Setting up automatic generation of SEO headers
  • Development of 4 banners for the slider
  • Setting 2+ monetary currency on the site
  • Warehouse Setup
  • Connection of 2+ payment system
  • Connect 2+ delivery system
  • Connecting an online consultant
  • Install SSL Certificate


starting at
  • Creating an individual design
  • Implementing Custom Algorithms
  • Non-standard tasks
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