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About service

CRM system is an accounting and control program that helps to improve the customer interaction process.

The online store processes only part of the orders, the rest of the orders come from social networks, chats, instant messengers, phone calls.

Integration of the CRM system with the online store and other communication channels will allow you to process orders in one system.

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The CRM system itself will create an application or deal and set a task for the manager. Managers will stop losing incoming requests and will be able to view the entire history of communication with the client in one place.

Integration with CRM

CRM system is:

Control of calls, letters and messages

Easy task control

Automated business processes

Telephony and all channels of communication with clients in one place

Differentiation of access levels between employees

The choice of CRM depends on several factors:

The range of tasks that CRM should solve

The ability to integrate with the CMS site

Required CRM functionality

The need to integrate with the company's EPR systems

Work format (CRM, corporate portal or something else)

As a result, you will receive:

Communication of online store, CRM, EPR, social networks and messengers

Processing all orders in a single system

Improved customer service and automated work of managers

Sales analytics tool

Work stages

Analysis of integrated systems and definition of a clear list of data for exchange

Data mapping (mapping of data in different systems)

Choosing the right exchange technology

Development, testing of data exchange and setting up logging of exchange

Data synchronization

Exchange launch

Frequently asked Questions

Data exchange can take place according to the schedule you need, it can be manual start or automatic mode according to the schedule. Automatic exchange can be configured in real time, every 5 minutes, every day, once a week, as you like.

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