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About service

Integration of the online store website with EPR systems 1C, SAP, Oracle, AXAPTA / Dynamics 365, MoySklad and others is a functionality aimed at automating your business in order to increase efficiency and profitability.

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Automation tools on the site speed up the work of your employees and make your life easier: upload new products, update stocks, upload properties and images, track and update orders, register online payments, automate delivery and do many other useful things.

We have extensive experience in standard and non-standard integrations and will be happy to customize the integration of the service with the site for you.

Integration with EPR systems

Standard Integration:

Native integration is suitable for EPR systems with standard functionality that has not been changed by programmers for the needs of the company.

Modern sites and EPR systems have built-in exchange modules in a universal format. Out-of-the-box exchange solutions help save time and money on setting up integration. But do not forget that standard exchange modules have a number of limitations and may not be suitable for special cases.

Custom integration:

If the functionality of your EPR system has been changed manually for some business tasks of the company, and now this functionality needs to be integrated with the site, you need to do non-standard integration.

It is necessary to analyze the state of the EPR system, draw up a technical assignment for integration and a data exchange scenario. If necessary, we can involve a specialist who understands the modifications of your EPR system and build a single strategy.

Frequent objects for integration with online stores:

  • - Uploading a list of items (catalog of goods, stock balances, prices, hierarchy of sections and subsections with goods, characteristics, images);
  • - Updating on the site only changed products since the last unloading;
  • - Exchange orders (order information includes order status, payment, delivery);
  • - Download information about contractors.

All integrations can be configured according to a specific schedule, one-time, in real time.

Work stages

Analysis of integrated systems and definition of a clear list of data for exchange

Data mapping (mapping of data in different systems)

Choosing the right exchange technology

Development, testing of data exchange and setting up logging of exchange

Data synchronization

Exchange launch

Frequently asked Questions

Data exchange can take place according to the schedule you need, it can be manual start or automatic mode according to the schedule. Automatic exchange can be configured in real time, every 5 minutes, every day, once a week, as you like.

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