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The online checkout will help the online store to avoid tax penalties and business interruption.

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On July 1, 2017, in Russia, the requirements of 54-FZ came into force - new trade rules for online stores. Now, when making payments to customers, you need to use online checkouts.

Connecting an online cash register

Online cash registers, or cash registers, are cash registers of a new type, equipped with fiscal drives. KKT connects to the Internet and transmits data to the Federal Tax Service through a fiscal data operator (OFD). Moving businesses to online CCPs will help regulators track tax payments, simplify tax audits, and make trade and service more transparent to consumers.

What's included in the service?

We will analyze the needs of your business and help you choose the most suitable option, taking into account all the nuances. Currently, there are different options for working with online cash registers, they can be bought or rented.

Currently, there are many acquiring systems from different banks. We will choose a payment service that suits you and your customers, which will work seamlessly with your online checkout and online store.

We will help you correctly register an online cashier and an online store with the tax authorities in order to comply with federal law.

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ModulKassa (ModulBank) + Yandex.Checkout


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ModulKassa (ModulBank) + Yandex.Checkout
    An excellent solution for working with a courier. Your couriers can take a mobile cashier with them and accept payments on the spot
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