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Each Internet resource is an information system that performs certain functions. Like any system, a website must meet certain requirements, which change depending on the development of the IT industry in general and the needs of the user in particular.

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Often, owners are faced with the fact that the site ceases to be profitable, the percentage of user refusals increases, and performance indicators decrease.

To quickly identify the reasons for the decline in indicators, it is enough to order a site audit service.

Site audit

There are several types of audit:

Seo audit





SEO or search engine audit of a site should be ordered if it is necessary to determine how optimized it is and meets the requirements of search engines.

The search audit checks:

  • - Indexing (robots.txt, sitemap.xml);
  • - Availability of duplicates;
  • - Errors present;
  • - URL;
  • - Internal and external links;
  • - Mirror gluing;
  • - Semantic core;
  • - Content optimization.

Based on the results, the company's specialist provides a report on the compliance of the web resource with the requirements of search engines and recommendations for eliminating all the shortcomings.

A site usability audit can be ordered to determine how user-friendly it is for the user. Correct navigation, easy perception, accessible feedback forms, readable text and an intuitive interface significantly increase the converting ability of a web resource.

If the site receives high-quality traffic, but there are no applications or orders, first of all, you should pay attention to usability. When a user does not find the information he needs, he looks for an order button for a long time or is forced to look for how to contact the company - he closes the site and goes to competitors.

As part of a usability audit, the following are checked:

  • - Navigation and menus;
  • - Convenience of the interface;
  • - Checkout;
  • - Site structure;
  • - Content.

As a result, the company's specialist will identify the reasons for the refusals of visitors, provide recommendations for improving usability.

It is worth ordering a technical audit if you need to identify internal site vulnerabilities that are invisible to the user, but significantly affect the performance of the resource, download speed and indexing by search engines.

During the technical audit, the following are checked:

  • - Responsiveness;
  • - Download speed;
  • - Layout;
  • - Program code;
  • - Security.

As a result of the check, a company specialist provides a health report and recommendations for eliminating vulnerabilities.

Marketing audit occupies a special place, since it analyzes not only the main site of the client, but also the Internet resources of competitors. Such an audit should be ordered if it is necessary to determine how effectively the site is able to sell, to identify weaknesses in comparison with competitors, to identify the shortcomings of the marketing strategy.

Within the framework of marketing research:

  • - Competitor analysis;
  • - Target audience analysis;
  • - Analyze usability and content.

As a result, the company provides a report on the selling ability of the resource and the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, recommendations and development prospects.

If there is no need for a specific type of audit, it is best to order a comprehensive site audit. This check includes all the main types of analysis, allows you to cover all aspects of the functioning and positioning of the resource and get a complete assessment of its condition. As a result of a comprehensive audit, strengths and weaknesses are identified, recommendations for eliminating vulnerabilities and shortcomings and resource optimization are formed.

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Work stages


The first step is to identify the customer's requirements, depending on the goals, the type of verification is selected.

Completing of the work

The second stage is the implementation of the audit in accordance with the selected type of audit.

Client consultation

The fourth stage is the presentation of the report, consultation on the results of the audit.

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