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About service

In the course of working with a ready-made site, it is often necessary to make changes, move elements, enable or disable blocks, customize the work of built-in components and widgets, or perform many other actions that have a positive effect on the resource.

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In the context of rapidly developing technologies and growing competition, it is important to pay attention to the development and updating of your own Internet resource. In addition to the visual component, the technical side plays an important role in the work of the site, which is not visible to the user, but forms the basis of the resource. It is necessary to timely update components and modules, renew licenses, domain and hosting, reissue a security certificate if necessary, make backups.

Technical support

Possible consequences of non-compliance with the measures for technical support of the site can lead to:

 Loss of personal and business information

Errors in unloading goods

Errors of integration with databases

Failures when sending applications and orders

Timely updating and maintenance of the site helps to save budget, avoid possible losses as well as significantly increase the lifetime of the site.

Not every customer has the opportunity to do it on their own without the risk of damaging something on the site, and a full-time technical support specialist is not always a convenient and profitable solution.

Our department of technical support and project development provides services for the development and maintenance of sites in accordance with favorable plans.

Website technical support includes the following works:

A team of specialists works on each project: a programmer, a designer, a content manager, a copywriter, a seo specialist, a project manager, your personal manager. If necessary, we can attract additional specialists from our company.

For each project that is on technical support from our specialists, we develop an action plan for the development of the site.

Improving the site by finalizing the functionality. Providing an integrated approach.

Timely installation of updates, checking the functionality of the site, eliminating failures. Create backups.

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Work stages

Monthly works

- Setting up a backup schedule and data validation;
- Installation of platform updates and used solutions;
- Checking the functionality of the site when installing updates;
- Checking the system for errors;
- Analysis of errors.

Monthly report

- Report on the work performed;
- Reporting errors on the site and their elimination;
- Suggestions for improving the site.

Additional work

You can use the programming hours included with your package to implement the desired improvements. The remaining unused hours are carried over to the next month.

Frequently asked Questions

In order to save the budget for carrying out work, we recommend forming a list of works, this will reduce the cost compared to if each task is performed separately.

Usually, the work is individual, so we estimate the cost of the work based on the time required to work on the task. To get the exact cost of the work, send a request to the support service with a detailed description of the required work, and we will evaluate them and inform you about the time and cost.

Price list



starting at
  • 1 hours content manager
  • 1 hour programmer
  • Setting up a backup data schedule and checking it
  • Installing platform updates and solutions used
  • Work Report
  • Website Error Report
  • Website Improvement Suggestions


starting at
  • 4 hours content manager
  • 4 hour programmer
  • Setting up a backup data schedule and checking it
  • Installing platform updates and solutions used
  • Work Report
  • Website Error Report
  • Website Improvement Suggestions
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