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Low website loading speed negatively affects all important indicators: positions in search engines deteriorate, efficiency from online advertising and usability decreases, and potential buyers' dissatisfaction grows.

There are three main reasons why you need to combat slow loading speed of your site:

  • - Potential buyers are annoyed by slow page loading, they go to your competitors.
  • - More than half of users use mobile devices with mobile Internet, which means that the speed of loading pages on their devices will be even lower.
  • - Slow sites tend to consume more resources from your hosting, which means you have to pay more.
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Website acceleration

Remember, online tests like Google PageSpeed ​​Test are not the cure for all problems. All tips in these tests are advisory. When optimizing speed, do not forget about the features of your site and do not chase the test scores. The main criterion for evaluating the speed is the time it is loaded on the device, as well as the integrity of its appearance. If your site loads quickly, but its external elements appear slowly and gradually, this is not a good optimization.

What's included in the service?

We conduct an audit of your site and identify the braking places with which you need to work.

We check the hosting for compliance with the requirements of your platform. If it matches, we carry out the optimal setting. If the system requirements do not meet, we give recommendations for moving.

Let's adjust the settings for optimal performance. Disable unnecessary modules. Let's set up caching, faceted index and database.

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